home staging

Do you know if you have the competitive edge for selling your home?

Jayne Doe Design's Home Staging services will help put your home in its best-possible position against your competitors in the market. And based on our experience, your staging investment equates to you selling your home quicker and closer to or above asking price!

Because the real estate buying market is much more savvy than in years previous, current home buyers expect to see properties staged, and if you're an HGTV viewer, you've seen this to be true.

In our professional opinion, Staging your Home brings you more prospective buyers and walk-throughs as most of today's home buyers do their initial home searches online. Because of this, your property needs to stand out and catch a buyer's eye immediately. Once staged, not only will your home look amazing compared to your competitor's but it also becomes 'easy to show' and brokers will continue to include it on their buyer's tours - a home that 'shows well' is easier to sell! 

Homeowners who stage their properties with us experience the positive outcomes that staging brings and recognize it's not the 'house' alone that sells a property, but the combination of a property staged with current market furnishings that does. We call this eliminating the negatives.

It's true your house may be amazing and you love it, but this doesn't mean others will see it the same way that you do at their walk-through. And because selling your house is like meeting someone new for the first time - you have only one chance to make that first impression!

A staged house with 'market-current' furnishings tailored to the style of your property creates immediate appeal that someone can see themselves living in. A newly-staged home that's clean, bright, and on-trend becomes a jewel box, leaving a positive lasting memory for the buyer. It's the magic elixir that motivates a buyer!

If your current furnishings are too specific in style, are outdated, or your space is too personal, your horse (and house) is already stumbling out of the gate! Home Staging will eliminate this negative for you since most buyers can't see past personal or outdated furnishings.

Trust your realtor when they advise you that staging will be in your best interest - it usually always is.

Staging will give you the advantage you need in both hot markets as well as colder ones, and the outlay of accomplishing it most always equates to a return on your investment

Home Staging typically means selling your home more quickly and months ahead of typically slower times of year. After sitting for months with no offers, a seller with an un-staged home often finds it necessary to reduce their listing price in order to sell - and possibly at a much larger reduction than the actual cost of staging may have been. 

Don't let this be you!

Call us now so we can help you market your home with the best possible edge over your competition!

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design consulting

Remodeling a bathroom?
Need some design or finish recommendations for a new kitchen?
Dumbfounded about what color to repaint your living room?

Let us help you.

Jayne Doe is excellent at listening to and hearing your ideas of what makes a space comfortable for you, and within your expressions lies the perfect answer. Let us help you uncover these sometimes complex decisions that seem too perplexing to solve yourself.

Here are some examples:

  • You like cool colors but desire a warm and inviting space for guests.

  • Your guest bathroom has an outdated brassy-gold shower enclosure that you're not ready to upgrade just yet, but want your bathroom to feel current and fresh.

  • You can't decide which wall color best complements your counter tops, or that won't feel outdated a year from now.

At Jayne Doe we recognize that a space gives many clues about the design direction that's natural to it, and the client impresses the rest; resulting in a space that's cohesive with its original design, as well as imparting an essence that’s unique to its homeowner.

For total remodels - which are amazingly fun and satisfying - the sky is the limit for creativity and comfort. Let's talk!  

remixing/ editing

Are your spaces looking tired? Or are you tired of your spaces?

We can fix that!

The way you live, and the way you'd aesthetically like to live may be having it out right now, or it simply doesn’t exist. We know that living in and loving your spaces can be a struggle, but all it takes is a set of fresh, professional, eyes from Jayne Doe to identify for you how to make it NEW.

After we finish, you may even feel like entertaining your friends and family at home again!

Let us help! We'll listen and gather information about your major concerns, learn what you're excited to change, and what your 'ideal' design goals are. Through a personal consultation we'll review your space, evaluate and identify what's working, and make suggestions for what could be edited out, remixed (reused in a fresh, new way), and what possible new design elements may be brought in to make a powerful, fresh impact; either aesthetically, functionally, or both.

This service includes an on-site Consultation with resulting Recommendations Report delivered via email. Additional Services are available depending on the resulting project direction. Or, for full service we can package the project into one comprehensive price. 

Depending on your ultimate design goals, budget, and DIY gusto, retaining additional Jayne Doe Design services may include: physical on-site remixing and editing, color consulting, procurement, and/or installing new design elements. Whichever service combinations are right for you, Jayne Doe will help you achieve your design ideal, and that final 'look and feel' you desire.

It's like having a home staging done - but then you get to live in it!